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Mr. and Mrs. Fun live here with their four children. They all belong to both of us and yes, we know how it happened. We didn't plan to have four children yet it's a wonderful busy life that we wouldn't trade for anything....we are imperfectly perfect.

I’ve moved…

If you want to know where, please email at
I will no longer be posting here.

First week of school

It was a rough one. Picked the girl up early one day because she didn’t feel well. Wy stayed home one day because he didn’t feel well and there was this ….

please disregard our shoes. Apparently we can’t put a shoe away to save our lives.

Tough love…he was 30 minutes late but he went. I talked to his teacher and it seems there are 5 new students and she is trying to group them together so they can make friends. It’s not going well. Breaks my heart. He says nobody likes him and that nobody talks to him. I am hoping next week is better. G still hasn’t made any friends either, breaks my heart. If he hates school, he’s hiding it well. He seems to be okay about it. I don’t expect cartwheels over school so I’ll assume since I haven’t heard any whining from him he’s doing okay.

This is me crossing my fingers next week is positive and brings happier mornings.

Eating the Paleo Way…

Someone tweeted wondering how we do it on the go and stick with it. It’s not hard, the hardest part is the temptation. We as a family ate out for 7 days straight while house hunting and moving. There are places you can’t eat at. Starting with Taco Bell, Sonic and Dell Taco. Diners are also VERY hard because it’s all sandwiches and french fries. But it can be done. There is usually a salad on the menu, hold the croutons, oil and vinegar on the side please. Always order the dressing on the side. When you order steak or chicken and you get the choice of two sides, double up on the veggies. Ask for the veggies to be steamed, no butter and add a little lemon, delicious.
Also most places offer protein style hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, they just aren’t on the menu.
I am losing track of how long we have been eating this way with a little cheating here and there, like on JJ’s birthday. I haven’t lost track of how much weight we’ve lost though. I lost 17lbs and Mr. Fun has lost 20lbs. Will we lose more? not sure. We didn’t start eating this way thinking we were going to lose weight, we wanted to feel better. Mr. Fun had been having some tummy trouble (he might kill me now) and after his mom sent him this book he decided he was going to eat this way. I joined in for the heck of it, who doesn’t want to feel better?
Other positives that have come out of this is our children, well, not T, are eating healthier. Lots more fruits and veggies. Mr. Fun now eats tomatoes and zucchini, two things he wouldn’t touch before. All of us now eat salmon and tuna. Before only Mr. Fun and Wy would eat it. I don’t see putting spaghetti and lasagna with garlic bread back on the menu either. We grill 99% of the time, eat out less and dinners are so easy to plan. It’s more expensive to eat this way, especially with 3 growing boys that love their meat but so worth it.
A weekly menu looks something like this.
Monday~ Salmon, roasted green beans, fruit salad
Tuesday~Steak/chicken, roasted garlic broccoli, fruit salad
Wednesday~ Tuna, grilled asparagus, fruit salad
Thursday~ Lamb chops/chicken, grilled zucchini, fruit salad
Friday~ Fried coconut Talapia, bell peppers(all colors), fruit salad
Saturday~ Taco salad with ground turkey.
Sunday~ Turkey burgers with cheese and avocado, garden salad, fruit salad
Yes, we eat fruit salad almost every night . It’s not always the same fruit though. I mix it up nightly. It makes dinners SO easy!! I never curse dinner anymore. We also don’t marinate our meat, it’s usually seasoned with lemon and pepper or other spices. Last night the tuna was marinated in pineapple juice, topped with grilled pineapple…so delicious.
Is this way of eating for everyone? Most certainly not. But being a vegetarian isn’t for everyone either.
For us it’s a lifestyle and I am just glad vodka and beer are still on our menu. I can’t imagine how much weight we would have lost had we stopped drinking too.
So if you want to try it, I think you’ll love it but if you don’t then sorry I recommended it. Hahaha.

Flauxaroid Thursday

polaroid copy
T and his mommy. He told me the other day I was the best mommy in the world because I buy him food he likes to eat like cat cookies and cheese. AWESOME! If that’s all it takes to get best mommy in the world status I got this gig down.

Head on over and link up with Angela I would love to see more from everyone. It’s easy, it’s fun and you should just do it.

Sheltering children…

With this Batman movie tragedy I have seen many post about young children viewing it. How young is too young? I see that as a parent’s personal decision. Will my young boys see the movie, yes. They have also seen all the spiderman, batman and transformers movies. My kids aren’t sheltered. They hear cuss words, from who? Yours Truly! Yep, I am a mom that throws down an F bomb here and there. When I get upset, I say shit and damn and fuck and hell and bitch. I do, if my kids are there so be it. Have my kids ever repeated those words, not that I can remember. If they did I told them it was an adult word and kids shouldn’t say it. I haven’t always cussed, my kids drove me to do it.
So back to sheltering children… I agree that there are some things kids just don’t need to see, hear about or even know it exist. It’s also a parent’s decision to decide what those may be and the general public can agree or disagree. I remember when JJ was about 10 or maybe 11, we put The Notebook on and she was quickly sent to bed. Now at age 16 she watches sex scenes all the time, sometimes I still make her cover her eyes. Now do the boys get to watch horror movies or love scenes? No freaking way! Not yet. But they do watch action packed movies like Batman. So far there are no ill effects from them viewing the violence because they know its fake, make believe, like unicorns.

Then there is talk about taking an infant to a movie. We did it. When JJ was a baby we had free movie tickets given to us for 10pm showing. I was hesitate but as young, new parents on a tight budget we went for it. We got the stares, the dirty looks, the shaking of the heads. We took her in the movie in her carseat, asleep. She stayed asleep through the whole movie. Had she woke up and began to fuss we would have left. She wasn’t harmed in the viewing of the movie nor does she remember it. It was a much needed night out out for two young parents, so why look down on us for that? Silly if you ask me.

I may not shelter my kids from what most other parents do but I still want them to be respectful. I want them to have empathy, I want them to work hard. I want them to be kind to others, I want them to know when to walk away. I want them to have the confidence to fight for what they feel is right.

So if you choose to judge my parenting then feel free. But you can’t judge unless you’ve met my kids, spent time with us as a family and really know us. Even then, you shouldn’t judge but we all know we do.

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