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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have more galleries up right now then I have had up all together in the past year. AMAZING to me. I still have one session to proof and I am done done done!! Eleven sessions proofed in nine days (ten if i can’t finish this last session tonight). I did it all on this laptop that is slower than turtles running fast. I dream of that huge calibrated monitor and fast desktop that only has my photography files and software on it. I am so over proofing,my wrist hurts. My house has gone to the gorillas kids. It’s such a wreck. My goal is to get it back in shape tomorrow after I create a couple rough draft cards for clients. I also have to burn some photos to disk for a client for the third time since May(the other two i sent they never received, i don’t get it). Something I agreed to do and regret it so much. I don’t mind doing it for friends after they order a certain amount of prints. This is not for friends and even though they said they would order they never did and don’t plan to, after all the wedding was in May. So I have learned my lesson the hard way. I did a lot of hours of work proofing photos and made zero for it. I did learn what it takes to shoot a wedding and that they are tons of fun to do though, so not a complete lost.

And through this all I got to photograph my favorite sisters this past Sunday. We had so much fun. Mom had to throw their clothes straight in the washer because they were so dirty by the time we were done.
tree pic
I know mom reads and I know she is anxiously awaiting more photos. Soon, I promise.

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A frustrated photographer

Saturday, November 10, 2007

As you know a dslr does not filter color like a point and shoot. So I as a photographer have to do that myself. Here is where the problem is….on my monitor I see peachy skin and white shirts. I print that photo and I get green skin and pink shirts. SO FRUSTRATING!!!
Then there are my lenses….all going to crap. The focus isn’t landing where I have it. Many great photos are crap because their shirt collar is sharp and their face is not. Doesn’t matter that I used the middle focal point and it landed right between their eyes. Nope those lenses don’t care that I had my AP closed so far down that the next town should be in focus. Nope still gave me soft faces. I have three lenses, two of which I want to just chuck in the water. The other I think sending it in to be serviced would be worth it. But I can’t be without this lens, its the only lens that gives me the results I love minus focus being off. So this brings me to my camera. I love love my camera, I do. I have only had it a little over two years. What if it’s not my lenses but the camera itself. The way to know is to send it in. I wish I could. But then how would I take photos without a camera.
So this is me bitching and complaining. I wish it was as simple as going out and buying a new camera and lens, I wish I could log on, add to cart and buy. But I can’t because all I have to proof my photos on is this laptop. It’s not calibrated so my photos are not what they could be. I think a new desktop and calibrated monitor is needed first. Only because I have 7 more sessions to proof. But I have another session on Sunday. So I will go into it praying that my camera and it’s focal points don’t screw me.
So I need a money tree to go out and get the set up that would make my life a lot easier. I make money and before I know it it’s gone. This time it’s dance eating away at my funds. Maybe I need to up my prices and work smarter………… In the mean time I will be plugging away on this laptop and hoping for the best when it comes to color. Maybe I should only offer black and white prints….hahahaha.

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OH MY HELL, throw me under a bridge.

Friday, November 9, 2007

11 sessions in three days, throw in a college football game, dinner out with two great friends and you got one VERY, no wait, EXTREMELY tired mom.
I have a lot to write about, Really just bitch and whine. But before I get to that I want to share some of my favorite photos. I would also like to thank my wonderful mom, who i haven’t even had a chance to talk to. She flew out and helped Mr. Fun with the kids since he had a full schedule at work. The kids are sad she’s gone. G said today he liked it better when Grandma is here and I am not. Thanks kid, love you much. Wy said it’s more fun when Grandma is here. My sweet T didn’t cry at bedtime while I was gone either. So mom, whatcha doing in March *wink*.

Proof Lwm

Proof Fwm

Proof Xwm

Proof 12 wm

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It’s not often I write about him.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

There’s two reasons for that. My mom reads and he reads *wink* I can’t get past this photo so I must write about it.
With his first and last born....
(must click to see larger)

I look at this photo of my husband and it makes me fall in love all over again. Again and again. The butterflies form and it’s 1995 all over again. It’s all new, the excitement is still there. He looks so damn hot, he sizzles.
I think its the smirk on his face, he’s such a smart ass. His lips stand out to me and I feel them lightly kissing my neck.
His hand on T’s back and T’s smile reminds me that he rocks when it comes to being daddy. JJ’s body language says “I can hold my own” That is all her dad, shes becoming a little smart ass, in a funny way. I feel so blessed to have a man that loves me inside and out. He loves his children and works hard to provide for us. Man, he’s everything I could dream of.
So there, it’s out. I find my husband just as sexy if not sexier than twelve years ago when we first met.

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Just because it’s been a long time since I shared

Friday, October 26, 2007

Miss. Clear Blue Eyes!

She was such a sweet baby. I loved my visit with her.

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That was dumb

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I didn’t realize November 1st was the day after Halloween. I know I know, who doesn’t know that? Apparently I don’t. Tonight I realized I will be leaving for Florida for 4 days to do 11 sessions the day after Halloween. How stupid am I? And how I wish I had a new camera going with me on this trip, or even a new lens. I had friends out this past weekend. I got to use the 35 mm and LOVED it. I got great focus. So now I am thinking it’s my lens for sure and not my camera. But really it’s a mute point because I am not getting a new lens or camera.
All those back home in the middle of the fires, stay safe. I am thinking of you and wishing I was closer to help in some way. It’s hard to watch the footage on TV. Takes me back to the Cedar fire. It’s unbelievable that this devastation is happening so soon after and so close. I remember Halloween was almost canceled that year because the air quality was so bad. Luckily the fires were put out and the air cleared up just enough. I hope that Halloween is a success there this year as well.

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I know it’s just hair

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So we are doing family photos tomorrow. Mr. Fun misunderstood what I wanted and shaved T’s head. I am so upset. Really upset. I wanted G’s hair shaved, T’s hair trimmed around his ears and Wy’s hair left alone. Now T and G have shaved heads and Wy’s hair is trimmed around the ears.
I was SO SUPER EXCITED that T’s hair was long enough to get a minihawk out of it. Now it’s just shaved. So now I have to wait another long while before my cool little dude will have cool hair to match his personality.
I need to get over this already so that I won’t be all grumpy for the photos.

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Camera envy…

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That is right. I got it. I want a new camera. I am reading about everyone getting a new camera and new lenses. First came the 30D, no biggie, didn’t really want it. Then came the 5D and oh man I drooled and drooled. Now the 40D is out and I am thinking this is the camera I want.I could get the camera and lens for the price of the 5D. Though there are rumors of the 5D replacement soon. So the 5D could drop in price.But still thinking 40D+24-70mm L = very happy photographer.
I have had this camera and lenses for two years now. I am wearing them out. I have lost a focal point. You know how bad it sucks when you are doing a shoot and you use that focal point forgetting it doesn’t work until you get home and start proofing. A lot of great photos are crap. It sucks. So this is me whining….. I want a new camera!
I would also like a new lens. The one I have now is great for 1-2 people. You get any more people and I have to stand so far back that focus isn’t as sharp as it could be if I could get closer with a wide angle lens. So this is me whining….I want a new lens.

I am going to Florida to do eight sessions, all families. I so wish I could pull a couple thousand out of pocket and invest it in my business. I keep saying this money I am going to save. HAHA!! Something always comes up. The boys need shoes, JJ’s dance, birthdays, need packaging supplies(which by the way are yummy. still not exactly where I want to be with this but getting closer.). Now I am thinking Christmas and the list goes on.

So that is me whining, thanks for listening.


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Traveling again….

Monday, October 8, 2007

I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to say thanks but no thanks. I was set against it. Then late one night I sent the email out saying I could only do it if this and that happened. Well, this and that are happening, no questions asked. I am flying to Florida again in November. I have eight sessions booked so far. This is crazy!! I thought I could fly out Thursday and back on Sunday but I think I will have to take an early Monday flight so I can get 2 sessions in on Sunday evening This is blowing my mind. I know I am good at what I do but travel across the country 3 times a year good….not so much.
I am sure my kids aren’t going to be the happiest kids in the world when they find out. However, their dad rocks and they will all survive once again while mommy travels on business. There is another phrase I never thought I would say. A once stay at home mom with no desire to work outside the house is traveling on business and loving it.
And some photos for you just because that’s what I do :)

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