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Hello,the M stands for Misti. I am a photographer, wife and mother of four. Not always in that order. I love to have fun. My photo sessions are all on location with available natural light. My style is offbeat, fun and real. Thank you for stopping by the blog.

It’s that time of year, time for Senior Portraits.

Now is the time to book your senior session, you’ve made it to the top. Document you, as you are, right now.

Bus Stop
I will also email a correctly sized image of your choice for your yearbook photo.
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A few tips for getting successful Senior photos.
1~Wear clothes you are comfortable in, clothes that make you feel good. Make sure your clothing reflects you and your personality. Try to avoid outfits with words or designs, stripes or large pictures. Also be aware of any tan lines when picking your clothes. Boys, that means no tank tops if you have a farmers tan.
2~Show up rested with a good attitude, ready to have fun. Be open to trying new things, even if the pose seems awkward, trust the photographer.
3~Don’t be afraid to suggest a certain pose or idea, photographers are creative people and willing to try most anything. Doesn’t mean it will turn out the way you envisioned but it’s worth a try.
4~Make sure to bring a friend or parent or sibling with you. They will know you better than your photographer and can help your photographer make sure your hair and make-up(for the girls) look like you and natural. Also girls, bring your make-up with you for touch ups if needed.
5~Shoes, shoes shoes. Wear heels! Well, except if you are a male, then pick something other than heels. Make sure they are something you can stand in comfortably.
6~Accessories and props, bring them. If it’s something special to you, represents you or is just for fun, bring it.
7~Boys, if you spend most of your days in a hat, think about not wearing it for a week or so before your session so your forehead isn’t paler than the rest of your face.
8~Shave the day of, stubble will show in photos.
9~Look at your hands, make sure your nails are trimmed and clean. Girls, if you want painted nails make sure they aren’t chipped.
10~Avoid tanning right before your sessions. Keep any spray tanning or laying in the sun to a week before the session. If you do, keep in mind tan lines as mentioned in #1.

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Option A~ 2 hour session, up to 3 outfit changes, up to 3 locations, and 20-25 digital images for $250.
Option B~ 90 minute session, up to 2 outfit changes, up to 2 locations, and 15 digital images for $200.
Option C~ 30 minute session, 1 outfit and 1 location, and 5 digital images for $125

To book a session email mdawsonphoto@gmail.com or call 241-4045.

For the love of baseball..

This season has been so hectic for me. My husband has been working long hours and I’ve been racing from one field to the next and back again. I can’t complain, it’s given me the chance to refresh my baseball photography skills.
Stevi Baseball-80
Stevi Baseball-77

Stevi Baseball-50
Stevi Baseball-27

My favorite photos are always the non action ones for some reason. They tend to be the time out photos, the photos that capture the emotion and the relationship these teams have.
Stevi Baseball-30

Stevi Baseball-31These photos show the passion and love these coaches have for their players.
Stevi Baseball-36

The Road Home



Stevi fire_
Stevi fire 5
Stevi fire 7
Stevi fire 3
fire 1

This is exciting..

jj copy

This quick photo session was done during her brother’s baseball practices. It is the final senior session for her, a photo from this session will complete her announcements. I can’t believe my own daughter is graduating, it’s really weird for me. She grew up way too quickly.



I’m excited to get back to sports photography. I had forgotten the joy that comes with capturing a slide into home or a catch at first for the double out.

Foggy Fall Morning..


Meet Jake…

I had so much fun with him. He was up to try anything and he was a natural in front of the camera.It was hard to narrow down what to share here.

Jake 16

We talked about sports, art, photography and his little brother.
Jake 19Jake 20a

For just moving here a few months prior he knew a lot about this city. Things I had no idea about, not that I’ve lived here much longer than a few months. He also opened my eyes to a beautiful location.
Jake 33

Thank you Jake, you inspired me and now I want to get out and shoot more.

Jake 35

Jake 29

Miss Marley



She’s beautiful, so glad I had the chance to photograph her once again.

Jumping for Joy…

I am here 9-13 copy

I have decided to get my ducks in order and open business again. Designing a card is more like a trip through hell for me but I did it. Okay, I almost did it, I ordered the first batch with the wrong number, who does that? Second card is about done, just a little tweaking to ease my picky mind.
If you’re interested in a holiday session, I am offering a special. Check out my website HERE clicking on the investment link. Also be sure to like my Facebook page HERE to stay up to date with specials and sneak peeks.

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