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Hello,the M stands for Misti. I am a photographer, wife and mother of four. Not always in that order. I love to have fun. My photo sessions are all on location with available natural light. My style is offbeat, fun and real. Thank you for stopping by the blog.

A Snowy Session~ Bitterroot Photographer

We tried this once before the sun was hiding behind the dark clouds and the photos were not up to my standards. This was our second take, not only was there much more snow but the sun came out to play and I am in love with their snowy session.

Proof 22

What you can’t see is the snow was melting off the trees and raining on us. Nobody complained because it was cold and we had so much fun.

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A big thank you to The Hendersons for such a fun session.


Also known as black and white. These type of images have a special place in my heart. They are usually my favorite. When you look at a black and white you are almost forced to see nothing but the emotion and/or the story.
Of course I had to share a handful of my favorites from over the years.


Proof 12 blog

to the right...



So if you see a photo in your gallery and it’s only black and white, it means that photo really spoke to me.

I Heart Faces Challenge~~~ PETS


I have a lot of cute photos of this dog but this photo embraces what having a pet is all about, love.

Photo Challenge Submission

Because They Fell In Love~~~ North Las Vegas Photographer

Proof 21

I met Joy 13 years ago, she was pregnant with her first, me, my third. She’s been telling me for years that I was going to take her family photos. She told me that somehow it was going to happen. Well look, it happened. And I am humbled…..
Proof  12a

I loved every minute of it. Her boys have such different personalities and I was so excited they let them shine like they did.
Proof 30

I know parents want their kids to always cooperate during a family session. I don’t mind when they don’t because sometimes, okay most of the time, that is when I get the best photos. But don’t tell the children, it’s a secret.

So when I say it’s okay, I mean it. I don’t mind the laughter and the joking, it’s what I love most about my job.

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Thank you Joy and family. You made my last session in Las Vegas a fantastic one. I can’t wait to do it again.

These two lovebirds….. Las Vegas Photographer

This session was so different for me. Different because it was at night and I only use available light when I shoot. I took on the challenge but what I didn’t expect was for the cocktails to be so strong.
So anyways, may I introduce you to Vic and Leah, two of the most fabulous people I’ve ever known.

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Proof 21

This hallway is fantastic!! I could shoot here any time. Of course, I couldn’t decide which I liked better, the color or black and white so you get both.
Proof 20Proof 20a

Thank you Vic and Leah for such a great night. Can’t wait to do it again.

Another Sneak Peek from my Las Vegas trip, Meet Amber.

Another extremely fun session. The location they picked, Lake Las Vegas , reminded me a lot of my favorite place to shoot in Phoenix. I was in heaven, so much color and texture.

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Thank you Amber for such a fun session. You are are beautiful.

Meet Madison

I went to middle school and part of high school with her mom. It’s hard to believe that the last time I saw M she was 3 weeks old. Now look at her, a beautiful young lady.

Proof 17

She loves to read and her session was all about the books, but her smile stole my heart.
Proof 9

Thank you M, I had so much fun with you.

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P.S. I have more from this day, I also took their family photos. Those will have to wait for another day though.

Best Friends Forever

These girls has been best friends for their hold childhood. Now they are graduating in 2015 and wanted some photos together. I love friend sessions, there is always so much laughter.

Proof U

There was so many goggles that it was really hard to get a serious photo. We recreated some early childhood photos but I won’t be sharing those even though one is my favorites.

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If you have a best friend and you are graduating, you should think about a friends sessions. They are so much fun.

Proof T

Thank you M and A for such a fun session full of laughter and memories.

Meet The Herringtons~~Las Vegas, Nevada

When she said she wanted to do it on the campus of UNLV, I had my doubts. I also know I can make any location work, well, I didn’t have to. This location gave us a beautiful backdrop. It’s grown so much since I was there last, it’s crazy. It’s green, it has texture and it helps when when you have such a fun family to work with.

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Thank you Herringtons for such a fun afternoon. Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of UNLV.

Sneak Peek~ Florence Senior Photographer

Meet Dakota…..


He picked Caras Park for his senior photo s and I am so glad he did. It was the perfect backdrop.



The weather threatened us with rain and the light wasn’t as great as I had hoped but we managed to find some great pools of light.


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